Heidi Osgood - Metcalf
Custom Graphite Portrait

Bill Jackson and Mortana Jaguar

9" x 12" Matted Custom Graphite Portrait
Finished size approximately 14" x 16"

Portrait will be completed using Staedtler Graphite pencils
on Canson Bristol paper

(406) 599-8161


Heidi Osgood-Metcalf is a self taught artist specializing in graphite and colored pencil portraits of individual animals.

Her work can be viewed in various client collections throughout the US and abroad.


    Equestrian Events, Inc

    The United States Equestrian Federation

    The United States Eventing Association



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    1997 - USCTA News (November/December)



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    2006 - Western States Horse Expo (CA)

    2006 - Art at the Classic (CA)

    2001 - AAEA Fall Showcase (KY)

    2001 - Art at the Classic (CA)

    2001 - Art Show at the Dog Show (KS)

    1999 - AAEA Fall Showcase (KY)

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    1997 - AAEA Fall Showcase (KY)

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    2015 - Cascade Farm Border Collie Trial "Original Portrait to Winner" (NH)

    2014 - Cascade Farm Border Collie Trial "Original Portrait to Winner" (NH)

    2013 - Cascade Farm Border Collie Trial "Original Portrait to Winner" (NH)

    2012 - Cascade Farm Border Collie Trial "Original Portrait to Winner" (NH)

    2011 - Cascade Farm Border Collie Trial "Original Portrait to Winner" (NH)

    2010 - Cascade Farm Border Collie Trial "Original Portrait to Winner" (NH)

    2007 - Cross Gate Gallery "Master of Foxhounds Exhibit" (KY)

    2005 - 122nd National Horse Show "Official Artist" (FL)

    2005 - Rolex KY 3-Day Event "Original Portrait to Winner" (KY)

    2002 - Rolex KY 3-Day Event "Original Portrait to Winner" (KY)

    2001 - Rolex KY 3-Day Event "Original Portrait to Winner" (KY)

    1999 - Vermont State Police "Official Artist/Poster" (VT)

    1999 - Lorenzo Driving Competition "Official Artist" (NY)

And she is a Composer & a photographer:

What a talented Lady!
See an example of her photography by looking at the Stallion page for Dream Catcher Don Juan.

About her music:

"I am a product of a very musical family. My parents have traveled the world singing with the North Country Chorus and "strongly" encouraged me to take piano lessons at an early age...OK, so they were right about that one, and for that I am now genuinely grateful! I started writing music when I was twelve years old, and have been studying classical piano since I was seven. My training started with Katerina Munn, who instilled in me the importance of knowing how to write theory - a knowledge that I am eternally grateful for whenever I create a new song.

I went on to play the Clarinet in my High School Band as well as orchestra in college. During my senior year of High School, I received scholarships as a result of some of the original music I had composed for piano. I had started studying music in college until bigger and better dreams beckoned me west. It wasn’t long before I was disillusioned with “Top 40” music, which ultimately made me question the direction that I wanted for  my own music.

After 20 years of allowing the musical inspiration to lay dormant, I have finally come to peace with the true direction that I want for my music - to play from the heart, and be true to myself....and a few movie scores wouldn't hurt either!"

“Heidi Osgood-Metcalf draws upon the inspiration of the dramatic

and varied landscape of Montana to create her latest album, Montañas.

Her music boasts brilliant skills as a composer and pianist,

but it is the power of the emotion

that she brings to her pieces that resonates most deeply with us. One of the greatest compliments I can offer any musician is that they remind me of no one else, and this is certainly the case with Heidi.

Featuring world-class musicians on many of the pieces, the album moves gracefully from intimacy to exuberance as only Heidi could express it”

- Will Ackerman

Grammy Award winner and Windham Hill Records founder


For questions call Gay Adams, (503) 936-4276
Email:  sunstonemorgans@comcast.net