Small Foal Sculpture
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About the Artist:

It has been said that when you combine skill and passion, you should expect a masterpiece. Art and specifically bronze sculpture are my profession and passion. I have been an eager student of art all of my life, but feel I truly found my niche many years ago when I took my first clay sculpture to an art bronze foundry. I was immediately offered a job, and thus began my education in bronze sculpture. During the four years I worked at the foundry, I was mentored by some great sculptors and gained thorough knowledge of bronze casting and finishing processes. I became a manager and trained others in the craft.

Having perfected my skills, I left to pursue my own career in sculpture and I am very proud of the large body of work that I have created since then. I have done several large public pieces, work I am especially drawn to and I am doing more frequently. My artwork has won several awards and is found in collections from coast to coast. More than mere likeness, they are my interpretation of the unique individual, through the language of sculpture.

Maretta Kennedy, Artist | 913-449-6932 |