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MEMC Crown Royal
(Robbi Sue's Mr Alert x King Blaze Mint)

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Foaled 2003 - Buckskin
MEMC Crown Royal is a most rare and fascinating stallion. "Caesar" has endeared me from the moment he was born. He has a kind, generous nature and has been a delight to watch mature. Caesar has that "old soul" persona about him just like his dam, King Blaze Mint. In addition to his expressive personality, Caesar is quite colorful with four white socks, large blaze with white chin and a partial blue eye. He is one cool looking guy and knows it; carrying himself upheaded with pride and pizzazz. I am excited about the potential Caesar offers to the MEMC breeding program. I have retained Caesar to contribute his long curvy neck, refinement, balanced movement and wonderful mind to my future foals. Carrying both the sabino and splash Pinto genes in addition to his cream dilution gene, he is bound to add some color to his offspring too. What luck I had to get this boy!!
Primary Contact:  Jennifer Weske-Monroe, MEMC Morgans
(972) 547-4331,