Bidding open from January 1 thru March 9, 2019

Nominations Are Now
for 2019

Bid on-line thru March 8th
Phone in bidding only on March 9th
More information to follow regarding on-line bidding

Morgan Horse Association of Oregon

2019 Stallion Service Auction Nomination Form


This completed form, a “minimum” of three photos, copy of registration papers, and a breeding contract must be received no later than December 31, 2018. Send as many photos as you like. Photos sent by e-mail must be high resolution (minimum 300 dpi) color jpg or pdf files.


Pictures of offspring welcome.


Send by postal mail or e-mail to

MHAO Stallion Service Auction

c/o Gay Adams

16818 S. Manor Dr.

Oregon City, OR 97045




I agree to donate the service listed below to the 2019 MHAO Stallion Service Auction. Auction is open from January 1 thru March 9, 2019. 



     Your original signature is required              


Note: Successful bidders will be required to sign your stallion service contract.

Stallion’s Name:



Owned by:



Farm name:



Street Address:



City, State Zip:














Include Leasee information if appropriate. Please include on a separate sheet.  



Standing at:



Street Address:



City, State Zip:

















Primary Contact:
(name, phone, email)





Stallion Name:



AMHA Registration #:



Other Registries:



Date Foaled:



Color & Height:






Advertised stud fee:



Live Foal Guarantee?



Frozen Semen:






Semen collection fee:



Container deposit fee:



Shipping Fee:



Breedings accepted from:



Breedings accepted to:



Live cover available?



Mare care fee:



Stock for sale?



Video available?



Other terms or information:







Opening Bid Amount:
(Will start at $700 unless otherwise requested.   Minimum $500)




Comments required:

Please email or mail several written paragraphs about your stallion & include with this form.