Eduardo on Alltitude owned by Jan Unrein
One Month of Training with
Eduardo Zavala Sanchez
Located at beautiful Singing Hills Stables in Oregon City OR
Does not include Board
About Eduardo:
Eduardo has been involved with Morgan horses for about 16 years.  He has worked for Arcuri Stables, Krista Dent, Tom Caise, Steven DeBolt, and the late Rick Stevens. 
From Eduardo:
I have had the pleasure to work around some amazing horses and be their caretaker.  Horses like Festival Calypso, El Toro, Silversides Toy Soldier, HVK Courageous Flaire, Stonecroft Byzantine, Noble Flaire and many more.  These are horses that have left a huge mark in the industry. 

While working with show horses I fell in love with the art of the blacksmith and decided to try to learn as much as I could.  Seven years later, I decided to start my own business.  So two years ago I started operating on my own and I am fortunate to do both training and shoeing. 

The Morgan horse has given me lots of inspiration and now I am trying to give back to this industry.  My goal is to eventually bring new people into the Morgan world by understanding that this is one of the finest American breeds.

Eduardo Zavala Sanchez
Eduardo with RBF Conspiracy by Salem Command