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After Dark Gunsmoke
(Robbi Sue's Ragtime x After Dark Intrigue)

Foaled 2005 - Buckskin -  15.1 hands
AI or Live Cover -  Live Foal Guarantee
Collection & Shipping at cost
February 1 - August 1
Mare care $15 per day
See breeding contract for more information

Opening bid requested $600
Comment from the Bartell farm on Gunnar:
Gunnar is a wonderful stallion and produces fabulous offspring (I would know, I own 3). All have great minds, gentle personalities and wonderful conformations. He produces the working western conformation and athleticism I strive for in my herd.
Owned by & standing at:
Silver Mesa Morgans, Mike & Erin Silver
10070 Hoffman Rd
Monmouth OR  97361

Primary Contact:  Erin Silver
(971) 600-8933