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ATMF Against The Wind
(ATMF Superstition x ATMF Gold Charm)

Foaled 2002 - Palomino - 16 Hands
AI, Frozen & Live cover - Live Foal Guarantee
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Fresh & Frozen semen handled thru
Rogue Valley Equine
Mare care at $15 per day
February 15 - July 30

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"Fabio" is more than pretty.  As the old cowboys used to say ATMF Against The Wind is "a damn fine horse".  You should breed your best mare to him.  He was carefully line bred by ATMF from three generations on both sides to breed through with some very desirable traits.  His beautiful neck, square hip, deep body, laid back shoulder, straight strong lets, handsome face, and Morgan type combined with his huge powerful suspended trot with stunning length of stride would be enough reason to breed to him.  But he is also a full 16 hands barefoot and sports a deep dark dappled gold palomino coat, with a kind gentlemanly disposition to top it all off.  He is the horse I set my sites on 40 years ago.  He is the best of ATMF Superstition and Hiquera Sondarling on my very best mares.  We are  proud to offer his services. 

Now that we are retired we will be producing only a couple foals a year.  If you don't have the right mare we know of several nice mares that are available for lease or purchase.  We are dedicated to responsible breeding of only the finest quality, sound, correct, and trainable Morgan horses.
Owned by & standing at:  Rick & Patricia Carlson
Autumn Twilight Morgan Farm
7101 E. Evans Creek Rd
Rogue river, OR  97537

Primary contact:  Patricia Carlson
(503) 851-1950

Fresh & Frozen Semen Handled Thru
Rogue Valley Equine
14099 OR-62
Eagle Point OR  97524
(541) 826-9001