Bidding Information
UPDATE:  Online bidding is now in place. Nominations are open through February, but best by February 20 for advertising purposes.
Close date for bidding is April 17, 2021 at 3pm Pacific Daylight Savings Time.

All bids are final and placed online.  Those without computer or online access can place a bid by calling Gay Adams.  Exact and Proxy (escalating) bids are accepted.  All bidders are required to have a bid account and to provide a credit card number via a bid registration form.
(mail or email the registration form to Gay Adams) 

Bids for Stallion Services are to increase in $50 increments.  Increments on "Other Items" vary (see their individual website page for info).  Nominations of "Other Items" will continue until April 17th.

Click gavel to see current bids or place a bid.
For questions or assistance, contact:
MHAO Stallion Service Auction
c/o Gay Adams
16818 S. Manor Drive
Oregon City, OR 97045
Phone:  (503) 936-4276
Fax: 1-(866) 761-0277

  1.  All bidders should understand that all they are acquiring is the breeding contract to the stallion of their choice. The breeding is subject to the specific terms as outlined in the stallion owner’s breeding contract. THE TERMS IN THE BREEDING CONTRACT SUPERSEDE ANY TERMS FOUND IN THIS PROGRAM.
  2.  The MHAO Stallion Service Auction (SSA) is committed to promoting the Morgan Horse Breed by making available to qualified bidders, Morgan stallions whose owners have agreed to donate a breeding to the MHAO SSA for the prevailing winning bid.  Details, photographs, and related documents as provided by stallion owners or their agents are made available for bidder inspection prior to placing their bid.  The MHAO SSA expressly recommends and cautions potential bidders to review all available information prior to the bidding process.  They are also encouraged to contact the stallion owner directly with any questions before placing their bid.  The MHAO SSA makes every effort to ensure accuracy in its offerings, but cannot and will not substantiate the details or condition of stallions offered.
  3.  Breeding contracts cover such items as collection fees, shipping fees, and attendant arrangements.  All arrangements are between the stallion owner and the successful bidder ONLY.  The MHAO SSA is an avenue for the purchase of the stallion service, and shall not be held liable for any breach of contract, dispute, or other dissatisfaction.   All sales are final.
  4.  No service purchased through this benefit sale may be transferred without written permission of the stallion owner.
  5.  In the event of a dispute concerning the terms of the auction or breeding contract, all participants agree to accept the decision of the MHAO SSA Committee as binding.
  6.  Unless otherwise noted, the minimum bid on all stallions is $700 in U.S. funds.
  7.  The highest online or phoned in bid will be the current bid shown on the website.  In the event of an unbreakable tie, the prevailing bid will be determined by the flip of a coin.
  8.  The mare owner is responsible for any bills concerning veterinary care, farrier, etc.  In the event of semen transport, mare owners may be subject to collection fees and shipping charges.  Consult the stallion owner on the terms pertaining to the shipment of semen.
  9.  Only AMHA registered Morgan mares will be accepted for breeding.
  10.  Payment terms are cash (good check) or credit card.  Balance owed is due on the auction close date, or if by check before the mare is bred or by April 30th, whichever is earlier.  Checks to be made payable to: MHAO SSA.
  11.   If the payment is not good, the bid will be awarded to the prior bidder.
Thank you to all our Sponsors, Donors & Bidders!