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Bid this year is on a custom
horse hair key chain.

I have grown up riding and showing horses my whole life. My parents ran a very successful training operation all through my childhood. What better way to be raised than in a barn? The passion and love for horses runs in my blood. Having started this company I feel very blessed and honored to be able to create something so special for people. Something that will hold their memories and love of their 4 legged loved one. That is also Fashionable.

Really I just got started doing this business about 2 years ago because it was during the time I was going through rejection from my first double lung transplant, I was so sick and could not work anymore much less have the energy to really leave the house. I started doing little projects around my home. I had some horse tail laying around and one day I decided I wanted to make something from it. So I started researching online on how to make horse hair jewelry. I learned the basics of a couple baids then through trial and error I figured out things that worked and things that didn't. From there my designs started to come together and business was booming right from the beginning. I'm grateful for the support I have gotten. This business came along right when I needed it most. It gave me a job again, something to keep me occupied, busy, and helping to provide for myself during a time we needed it most. It's truly been such a blessing and I love being able to make wonderful memories for people to hold their 4 legged love ones close to them!!

                          Alex Mooney