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CBMF Urban Legend
(DBA Street Talk x AFF Little Liza Jane)

Foaled 2007 - Bay - 16 Hands
Fresh Cooled, AI at Farm, & Frozen
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Mare care $20, with foal $25

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Shawn is a very athletic stallion—extremely energetic and moves with a purpose, exhibiting  a natural four cornered trot,  powerful hind push, and a long stride that effortlessly eats up the miles. Big, Bold, and Beautiful — with correct confirmation and overall balance best describe him. He has plenty of “look at me” attitude and thinks highly of himself. However, this is balanced with a big heart, tender mouth and  always a willingness to learn. His strong sloped shoulder gives way to a long neck and proud headset.  He is very well mannered on the road and in the barn. He loves to be pampered and allows our preschool age son and daughter to brush him.  Sired by DBA Streetalk and out of Little Liza Jane his pedigree is graced with World Champion names such as Serenity Masterpiece, Cedar Creek Harlequin, Star Lake Ellisa to name a few. Shawn was shown lightly under saddle in 2015. Broke to ride and drive he has proven himself on the road and in the ring. We are anxiously waiting our first foal crop! If you are looking for foals with natural talent, trainability, and great dispositions check him out.
Owned by:  Dan & Debbie LaMay, JD Stables
8080 Riverside Road
Brooklyn MI  49230
(517) 740-5230

Primary Contact:  Debbie LaMay
(517) 740-5230,

Standing at:  EquineCryo
8080 Riverside Road
Brooklyn MI  49230