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MEMC Crown Royal
(Robbi Sue's Mr Alert x King Blaze Mint)

Foaled 2003 - Buckskin Splash White - 15 Hands
3 Doses of Frozen Semen to be used in 2019. 
No foal limit! - No Live Foal Guarantee
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MEMC Crown Royal is a unique and fascinating stallion. Caesar has that "old soul" persona about him just like his dam, King Blaze Mint. He is also one cool looking guy and knows it; carrying himself upheaded, with pride and pizzazz.  In addition to his expressive personality and breed type,  Caesar is quite colorful with gorgeous golden buckskin color, four white socks, large blaze with white chin and a partial blue eye.  He was color tested as a heterozygous splash white pinto and has produced homozygous splash bred to another single splash carrier. He also carries a third color gene that contributes extra white markings,  this was not tested prior to him leaving the US, however he has had foals born with extra white without a splash gene present as have family members of his that I have owned. Though this stallion is no longer in the US,  I have retained his frozen semen to continue to contribute his long curvy neck, refinement, type, balanced movement and wonderful mind to my future foals.  

MEMC Crown Royal was an exceptional stallion for freezing semen and all of his semen is commercial grade.  This semen for the auction is also export qualified to many countries. He has foals all over the world  by frozen semen transport, offspring sold and bred mares sold with his foals in utero.  This is proven frozen semen and was frozen and is stored at Select Breeders Southwest in Aubrey , TX.  It is of excellent quality & viability.

This stallion now resides in Mexico.

Owned by:  Jennifer Weske-Monroe
MEMC Morgans
PO Box 216
Melissa TX  75454

Standing at:  Select Breeders Southwest
2982 Rockhill Rd
Aubrey TX  76227
(940) 365-2467  Fax:  (940) 365-2750

Primary Contact:  Jennifer Weske-Monroe, MEMC Morgans
(972) 439-8442  ,