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(UVM Springfield x Nemours Celestial Lady)

Foaled 2002 - Black Bay - 15.3 Hands
Frozen Semen - Live Foal Guarantee
February 15 - July 30
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Privilege is the heir apparent of the legendary UVM Springfield, Sire of Sires and Sire of Champions whose sixty-two foals so far have won twenty-seven World, Grand National, Regional, and Class A titles in disciplines including Reining, Dressage, Western Pleasure, English Pleasure, Pleasure Driving and In-hand.

Privilege stands an honest 15.3 hands in plates and presents a unique opportunity to mare owners who want to reach to the blood of the great producing mares in his family without adding Noble Flaire to do so.  Privilege carries on his dam side the blood of Nemours Celestial Lady, daughter of MyBlue Heaven, whose dam was Wynakee Alvina

When bred to Nobility, Privilege's dam produced the deceased Pinecreek Noble Vision, who won World Champion Open Park Harness as a four-year old, which suggests that Privilege will cross well with Nobility or Noble Flaire mares.   From his sire, UVM Springfield, Privilege inherits a pedigree of incontrovertibly Morgan royalty, including Watchman, TeaTime, Artemesia, and Topaz daughters Inez and Fairytop; and from his mare line Privilege inherits not only the blood of MyBlue Heaven and the Topaz son Magellan, but also the popular Waseeka's Nocturne, and adds Wynakee Alvina blood which traces to Elloise, a proven cross to Springfield 

The combination of bloodlines in Privilege makes him a likely mate for someone wanting to reinforce either the park or performance elements in a mare's pedigree.  Privilege offers mares from disparate families an out-cross of quality with all the hybrid vigor this implies, while yielding enough consanguity to yield consistent breeding horses. 

Mares carrying Futurity French Command or his siblings should work well.  Mares descended from the In Command and Wham Bam Command branch of the Nocturne family would also be likely choices.


Privilege also carries UVM Watchman and UVM Flash, the basis of the grandly successful crosses of UVM Lash/UVM Mystic, a cross which produced multi-titled UVM Unity who, when out-crossed to Born to Boogie created a daughter who when bred to Man About Town LPS created the in-hand champion The Boogie Man. These matings suggest that Man About Town LPS mares should work well. Interesting as well are any Nocturne-free mares as are mares carrying Norma or Flash.


Where great stamina for demanding performance disciplines is desired, since UVM Springfield has been successful when crossed to Lippitt and Pepper-line mares, these would be well worth trying.  That cross has produced outstanding athletes such as reining champions Nantucket and Spring Diva.  For the show ring, Privilege should also do well with mares from the lines of Waseeka's ShowtimeImmortal Command; and with mares tracing to Jubilee King, Red Correll, and Senator Knox.

2014 World Champion Western Pleasure 
2014 Open Western Pleasure Champion

Many show ring wins in Western Pleasure

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