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Ragtime Dun D
(Ragtime Voodoo Magic x Successful Outta The Blue)

Foaled 2003 - Grulla (EEaaDd) - 14.3 Hands
Live Cover Only - Live Foal Guarantee
Breedings accepted March - September
Mare care $3 per day, $5 with foal

Opening Bid Requested $550

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Mic is a smart, gentle, smooth beauty. He has an incredible disposition that he passes onto his foals along with his beautiful colors. He has the smoothest trot and canter of any horses I have ever ridden. This gentle stallion can be ridden in groups and out with mares while minding his manners. Has become the favorite mount of my mother, Tempie.  A wonderful example of how stallions should behave. He is safe to be pastured with mares as well as foals displaying the wonderful disposition that he is known to pass along to his offspring.

Owned & Standing At:  Bartell Farm
68500 Grays Corner Rd
Imbler, OR  97841

Contact:  Jenny Bartell
(541) 975-3555