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Ragtime Oro Blanco
(Robbi Sue's Mr Alert x CAS Twilight Amber)

Foaled 2000 - Perlino - 15.3 Hands
Live Cover or AI - Live Foal Guarantee
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Mare Care if appropriate
Breedings accepted from April to June
International Perlino breeding stallion, Ragtime Oro Blanco, known to his friends as Casper, has foals in Australia, Canada, Switzerland, France, New Zealand and the United States. He is a perfect stallion for the discerning breeder who is looking for color with the classic Brunk lines that will never go out of style! The Brunk influence is felt strongly in the ranch breeding of the west known as the Western Working Family of Morgans.

If you want to make a statement by adding a colorful Morgan to your barn, you can’t go wrong with Casper!  Not only is Casper a wonderfully conformed individual, he cannot produce anything but palomino, Perlino, cremello and buckskin offspring. We have chosen him for his excellent old baroque type, lovely disposition, and sweet dash of color!

His get are smart and easy going and all possess people-oriented personalities that are a delight to train. I have never had any issues with him, from the very first ride as a colt, onward. It just seems like his get really WANT you to ride them. It’s always such a pleasure to work with Casper’s get!

Owned by :  Peggy Ann Malone, Takilma Gold Morgans
300 Page Creek Rd
Cave Junction, OR  97523

Standing at:  Takilma Gold Ranch
10351 Takilma Road
Cave Junction, OR  97523

Contact: Peggy Malone
(541) 592-4726 / Cell (541) 659-0383