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RG Rimlo Prince Valiant
(Black Val's Jim x RG Orcutt Ambrosia)

Foaled 2001 (deceased) - Homozygous Black - 15.1 Hands
Live Cover, AI and Frozen -  Live Foal Guarantee
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Collection & Shipping at Actual Cost - Container Fee
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Mare care if applicable
April 1 - July 1

High percentage foundation

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RG Rimlo Prince Valiant is our 'old style type' stallion standing here at Grunden Ranch Morgans.  He is HOMOZYGOUS BLACK.  His grandsires are Rimlo Black Prince, our past senior stallion, and  Rimlo Black Valiant.  He was born and raised here on our ranch.  As of now, all his offspring have been black.  We have been told by those who have seen Flyhawk that RG Rimlo Prince Valiant looks and carries himself like Flyhawk.
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Owned & Standing At:
Grunden Ranch Morgans
Harlan & Tammy Grunden
24107 E. Grunden Rd
Curtis NE  69025

Primary Contact:  Harlan Grunden
(308) 367-4181, cell (308) 367-7479

Semen will be collected & shipped from:
Medicine Valley Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Steve Krull
411 W 6th P.O. Box 127

Curtis, NE  69025

(308) 367-8688

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