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Salem Command
(Noble Command x Ru-Lee Mystique)

Foaled 1987 - Black Bay - 15 Hands
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1997 through 2000... Amateur Park & Open Harness Champion.  The image of the charismatic Morgan Stallion, Salem Command has appeared over & over again in national ad campaigns representing the Morgan breed.  He exemplifies the best we have to offer - incredible beauty, extraordinary talent, & that unmistakable "Morgan Look".  During his phenomenal show career he combined awe-inspiring elegance & style with extreme power - a rare combination that gave definition to the original concept of a "Park Horse". 

Beyond the show ring he has been a very popular breeding horse who passes on his intelligence, his athleticism, & his willingness to please.  Many of his offspring have earned National and World titles of their own.  Above all else, "Winston" possesses those most prized of all show horse attributes - an honest mind & a great heart. 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime, never-to-be-forgotten horse who has always been one of the truly great gentlemen of the show ring.

Owned by:  High Flight Morgans
81890 Anthony Creed Rd
Dexter OR  97431

Standing at:  Triple Crown Farm
Weatherberry Ln
Pleasant Hill, OR

Contact:   Carole Bradford
Phone:  (541) 937-2885
Cell:  (541) 554-7067