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A wonderful donation from the talented artist Sarah Brander; daughter to Sue Brander, a well known historian in the Morgan breed.

A custom piece just for you.

16" x 20" pastel on " sanded surface" paper
Shipped unframed

Phone:  (315) 858-2232

The Artist:

Artist Bio:

My love of the Morgan horse began in 1983 when I got my first horse. My interest in art came quickly after that! In an effort to raise money for our 4H club, our leader taught us to stencil and we sold stenciled stall name plates and Christmas ornaments. From there I took lessons in stenciling and then in drawing. I went to The University of Massachusetts for my bachelors of fine art. My degree is in printmaking. 

I specialize, now, in pastel portraits, capturing the relationship between the horse or dog and the owner. I have been allowed to glimpse into many deep human animal bonds. I constantly strive for new techniques and more details. 

I now live in upstate New York on my family farm, April Showers. We have 70 acres and 18 horses. It is an Equine Retirement Home. I also have several Morgan Horses of my own.


 I have purchased artwork from Sarah privately ( four draft horse team). The horses appear to be in motion when you look at this piece. The expressions are all unique and believable and relate well to each horses position and job as this team pulls a plow. It is amazing, framed and mounted prominently in our living room for all to see! I was so impressed with this creation by Sarah that I recently contacted her to do a piece depicting three Morgan horse siblings and another piece of my Beloved Yorkshire Terrier! Sarah's love and understanding of her subject matter, particularly horses and dogs, come shining through in the art she creates which you will treasure for years to come. 
                                                                                      Marian Grimes